Established in 1984, Woman Inc. is a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental organisation committed to strengthening the position of Jamaican women through providing support services, public education, and advocating for legislative changes. There exists established referral links between Woman Inc. and the Family Court, the Police Rape Crisis Units, Medical and Legal Advisors, as well as other related services.

Our services include:

  • The Crisis Centre that runs a shelter and a 24-hour Hotline for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Public Education outreach to primary and secondary schools, community groups, church groups, and the general public
  • Advocacy for legislative change
  • Legal Aid Clinic where attorneys-at-law conduct legal aid advisory sessions for centre/shelter clients. Where necessary, the client is accompanied to and provided with legal representation for court appearances
  • The Hostel/Skills Training Centre for young ladies gave 18-year old girls leaving government homes self-dependency skills to fit them for employment. The programme combines one-year residence with skills training for each of the residents. The programme opened in 1991 and closed in 1999.